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Ariel A - Plug N Vibe.mp4

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Ariel A - Plug N Vibe.mp4

"Buttons" was mixed by Dave Pensado at the Larrabee Sound Studios in Burbank, California, where the tracks where handed to him at different stages.[1][3] Trans-X Multi plug-in was used on the loop to give it a more transient feeling. Scherzinger's lead vocals were processed through Line 6's Echo Farm by adding distortion. Pensado wanted to give Scherzinger's voice more edge without the need to scream over the microphone. The leads' vocal delay was formed by Tel-ray Variable Delay and is within the 16th range. For the effects of the lead vocals, Pensado wanted to minimize the use of effects, and give them a "chorus-like sound" through Waves' Metaflanger.[3] 59ce067264


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