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Cobra Commando 720p [VERIFIED]


Cobra Commando 720p [VERIFIED]

Graphics performance from the Toughbook's Intel HD 620 integrated graphics, on the other hand, is not measurably worse than that of the Latitude 5424 or the ThinkPad L390. None of these can compare to even a modest discrete GPU like the one in the Latitude 7424, however. The latter scored 49 frames per second in the Unigine Superposition video game simulation at 720p resolution, compared with 20fps or less for the Toughbook, the Latitude 5424, and the ThinkPad L390 Yoga. Realistically, gaming is at the bottom of the Panasonic's priorities, so this isn't a deal-breaker.

Last up: battery testing. At more than 16 hours in our battery rundown test, which involves looping a locally stored 720p video file in airplane mode with screen brightness at 50 percent, the Toughbook 31 far outlasted its competitors... 1e1e36bf2d

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