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Ianastasija Omoore
Ianastasija Omoore

Total War Game Of Thronesl

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Total War Game Of Thronesl

The recruitment system has been expanded, now all the primary factions of the mod, I mean the noble houses, will be able to recruit the bannermen's unique units in certain settlements. If you capture White Harbor, you will get access to the House Manderly units, same for other regions, a total of 35 settlements I believe. That might not be very lore friendly but it looks nice ingame as your roster expands. This won't affect regional generic units, I don't want the Greyjoys conquering the North by using entirely Northern Troops, or the Stark using entirely Westerlands units. Also these changes won't affect the secondary factions, like The Wildlings, the Night's Watch, the Dothraki and of course not the unplayable factions (the Others or Braavos).

- Random events would also be appreciated, as we know Westeros is full of surprises and unexpected events, and it would be great to have some random events from time to time, to make the game more difficult, for example a treason from a general, or anything that would surprise us in a "game of thrones way", even some weather events like a storm that destroys some buildings or a fire in a city.

- It's just my personal preference, but I like when games are more "realistic" so for me, I would like 2 things : the turns to be smaller in time, what I mean is that a year in the game would be something like 6 or 8 turns or even 10, because 4 turns is too short, the characters are growing old too fast and it feels like you can build a huge building in just a few months, which feels unrealistic. Something just a little more long, with longer years and longer turns to make a construction, would give a much more realistic feeling.

- It's also a thing that surprised me, when I saw that the year is divided in 4 seasons because, in the world of Martin, it's not like in our real world, you don't have summer, winter, fall and spring, in the same year. It's more like longer seasons and they are quite random, you can have a spring of 2 years, a summer of 5 years, and then a winter of 10 years, that's the whole reason why the white walkers are so scary and put so much pressure, because they come at the same moment as the long winter comes. So seeing in the game this feature, with seasons that fits the way of the actual westeros world, would be great.

- The last thing that would be amazing, would be in the menu, to be able to choose between different times, for example the main game of thrones time period, but also the "House of the Dragon" time period (that's a lot of work to change all characters, possibly the map and houses, but that would be an interesting goal in the future to be THE westeros mod with 2 time period in it)

Hey there, I'm glad you like it. Thank you for the kind words. To be fair, I never played Third Age, so I have no idea about their quests or their banners. Late in the game there is a script that makes some allied factions to go to war, like Starks and Boltons, or Tullies and Freys. Scripting is very complex, perhaps when I learn more about it, I will add something more. As about the years, there is a script of 10 turns per year. Does it mean that is not working and characters are ageing faster I will have to check again.As for campaigns on other timeline of Westerosi history, that is beyond my scope. But I would recommend you the mod from Peaman called Fire & Blood. It has several campaigns and some very good stuff. There are some assets on this mod which originally came from Fire & Blood.

Thanks for the quick answer and all the information, that's good to know and very good to see how you are so efficient and reactiveFirst, yes you should definitely play Third Age : it's the best mod out there so far, it's a masterpiece at this point, just try Divide and Conquer (the most enhanced and polished version of it) and you're going to get a ton of ideas and inspiration, it's hugeAbout the script in the late game, that's very good to knowAbout the 10 tur


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