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Total War Game Of Thronesl

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Total War Game Of Thronesl

The recruitment system has been expanded, now all the primary factions of the mod, I mean the noble houses, will be able to recruit the bannermen's unique units in certain settlements. If you capture White Harbor, you will get access to the House Manderly units, same for other regions, a total of 35 settlements I believe. That might not be very lore friendly but it looks nice ingame as your roster expands. This won't affect regional generic units, I don't want the Greyjoys conquering the North by using entirely Northern Troops, or the Stark using entirely Westerlands units. Also these changes won't affect the secondary factions, like The Wildlings, the Night's Watch, the Dothraki and of course not the unplayable factions (the Others or Braavos).

- Random events would also be appreciated, as we know Westeros is full of surprises and unexpected events, and it would be great to have some random events from time to time, to make the game more difficult, fo