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Ianastasija Omoore

Arduino Delphi Serial Communication With Arduino Board


Now I would like to learn how we can control Arduino with several LEDs and servos. I have google it but still not understand how to use. I understand we need to download serial port communication. Which one should we use I would like to use USB port. Someone mention to use Synaser.

For serial port communication in your Lazarus application take a look at these links: You will find small examples to get you started, but first you need to decide which serial lib/component to use. Wiki will help you with the choice. Have in mind that Synaser is not event based. Any of them will be able to talk to Arduino over USB virtual COM port. For developing Arduino and other ATMEL AVR microcontrollers in Pascal take a look at these links: Using forum search would bring you much more links.

You are asking for serial communication, but your topic mentions ENC28J60 which can be used for Arduino TCP or UDP networking communication. If you decide to go that path instead then you can use Synapse, Dataport, Indy and several other networking communication libraries available for Free Pascal and Lazarus. Avra, Thank you for the information and links. I will try find time to work on it next week. Right now I would like to try use Ardunio UNO to make several LEDs to turn on and off from computer. In future I would like to control four or five Arduino with single one com or something.

If you are into robotics, this video from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022 is the right webinar for you. In this video, Boian Mitov will teach us how to control a Robotic Arm using Arduino Uno, an open-source microcontroller board. Particularly, Boian will demonstrate how to control the visual programs in an Arduino Manipulator robot from the Visuino or from a Delphi application over serial communication, WiFi, or Bluetooth. Visuino is a visual development program specifically designed for Arduino, making it by far the simplest way to program it. However, there are many other equally efficient programs that you can use including Delphi.

Attachments ESP01.ino Download Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download Step 3: Connection of Arduino and ESP 01 Connect Your Arduino with ESP 01 Arduino ESP01 3.3V VCC GND GND CHPD VCC RESET VCC GPIO0 VCC TX RX RX TX Now upload the Second code which is for arduino.

Build Web Server projects with the ESP32 and ESP8266 boards to control outputs and monitor sensors remotely. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and client-server communication protocols DOWNLOAD

Sometimes we require to communicate with an external device like a printer, microcontroller board or any serial device using the serial port of a windows machine. There is a lot of serial application available like Hercules, HyperTerminal, Docklight, ..etc.

For the low-priced and flexible Arduino board ( a BORIS driver can be downloaded free of charge. The driver supports the communication via USB as well as via Ethernet (UDP) if the corresponding add-on component (Arduino Ethernet Shield) is available. The driver runs in all WinFACT versions (WinFACT 6 or higher). The driver package contains the BORIS driver, the DELPHI 6-source codes and the necessary firmware for the Arduino board. So it is easy for users to make own adjustments of the driver (e. g. for future Arduino boards).

The GPIO1 (TX0) and GPIO3 (RX0) pins are used to communicate with the computer in UART via USB. If you use them, you will not be able to upload programs to the board or use the serial monitor via the USB port. They can be useful for programming the board without a USB but with an external programmer instead. Fortunately, there are other UART interfaces available.

The UART0 is by default on pins GPIO1(TX0) and GPIO3(RX0) of the ESP32. It is used to communicate with the computer through the serial monitor. It is also the one used to flash the ESP32 board when uploading a new program. It generally displays messages in the console with Serial.println() . 1e1e36bf2d


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