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A Holiday Boyfriend YIFY

A Holiday Boyfriend YIFY -

A Holiday Boyfriend YIFY

Christmas films can go either way, which has been my experience watching overtime the festive output of Lifetime, Hallmark and UPTV. They can either be well-meaning, charming, warm-hearted and don't feel too heavy. Or they can be too over-sentimental, cheesy, contrived and bland. There have been many films of theirs that have fallen in both camps and in the camp where there is a bit of both. 'My Sweet Holiday' in all honesty didn't appeal and did sound like one of the latter category films when reading the premise.Lifetime's 2020 Christmas output didn't wow me and was a very mixed bag, but there were some surprisingly good films and the overall standard considering the circumstances could have been a lot worse. There were still misfires though (i.e. 'Christmas in the Highlands', 'Christmas Listing'/'Christmas Inn Farmstead'), and sadly 'My Sweet Holiday' is on the whole one of those misfires. It has good things, it takes a lot for me to say that anything film or television related has no redeeming merits, but there are also a lot of flaws and unfortunately the issues are big.Am going to begin with the good things. It is a pleasant looking film, a lot of care and effort went into the photography and the festive decor and the scenery is more than easy on the eye. The music also has the right amount of festive spirit and is pleasant to listen to without being exceptional, it doesn't sound over-scored like Lifetime films can be.'My Sweet Holiday' is a case of the supporting cast being much better than the leads. Patty Lambert and Remi Hilson gave very engaging, honest performances, just loved the warm hearted and adorable father and daughter scenes between Hilson and Jason Burkey. Burkey's performance is uneven, but he is incredibly charming in the family scenes.It did take a bit of time to warm to him properly, for most of the first act he seemed too cold and uptight. He is certainly much better than Malone Thomas, who is just awful in a very wooden and expressionless performance and calling it either of those things is actually generous. It was like she had done the film for a favour and had started to regret it when it was too late, so decided not to try. She and Burkey have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever, one never feels the love and the passion for chocolate is not believable on either end because both looked so unenthusiastic about it. The only chemistry that rang believable in the film was between Burkey and Hilson.Really didn't care for most of the characters, who are typical Lifetime cliche ciphers on the most part. Hilson's is the one with the most heart, but Burkey's took time to warm to when it took time for Burkey to ease into the role and Thomas' had no personality. Found the boyfriend character very unnecessary and his role in the story forced in rushed in development, also not making sense later on. The film could have done a much better job fleshing out of character motivations, which aren't really fleshed out at all. Any attempts are vague at best, introduced too suddenly and only touched upon too briefly, some of them in the latter stages don't make sense. Which was a major problem with the too unrealistically pat and fantasy land-like ending, while the coda is sickly and tacked on.The script is far too cheesy and schmaltzy and doesn't flow very well at all, not feeling like everyday conversation. The story is severely under-baked, especially in the final act, and is dully paced and with very little emotional connection. Also found that it jumped about structurally, with too many things happening where one questions why has this happened which gave the impression that things that were meant to be in the film were left on the editing room floor. Not to mention the excessive predictability, very familiar scenarios executed in such a mundane been there done that with no originality way.In conclusion, very lacklustre. 4/10.

The plot to this Christmas television movie is pretty flimsy. It relies upon characters to act completely illogically. For those of you don't know it already, I'll give a rundown. Basically, Melissa Joan Hart is a screw-up whose parents nag her about her life. She somehow manages to snag a rich, good-looking boyfriend. He dumps her right before they are supposed to meet her parents at a cabin for Christmas. So she has what I would call a psychotic break and kidnaps Mario Lopez. How she does this is the beginning of many far-fetched happenings in the movie. Basically she plans on using Lopez as a stand-in for her boyfriend at Christmas with her family.The movie is surprisingly funny and the characters likable. However, prepare yourself for lots of convenient lapses of logic in order for the plot to work. Lopez allowing himself to be taken prisoner. Lopez not trying very hard to escape. Hart's family believing her ridiculous excuse for why Lopez is claiming to be kidnapped. Lopez getting a phone and not calling 911. After alerting his girlfriend about what happened, he decides to go along with Hart's plan. His reasoning made no sense really but it's needed to allow his hostility towards her to cool for the inevitable happy ending. Still, it works more than it should, in large part due to the likability of the cast.Give it a shot if you see it on TV. It's better than most TV movies these days. But if you have ever been in a relationship with someone as unstable as Hart is here, you might feel less generous about the film and its premise.

Television veterans Mario Lopez (Saved By The Bell) and Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina The Teenage Witch) star in Holiday In Handcuffs which despite its title is not a Christmas bondage story. The story is about the Bohemian non-conformist daughter of an overachieving family who is so tired of getting asked why she isn't settling down that on an incredible impulse she kidnaps Mario Lopez out of a convenience store and brings him home to her rural family farm house to show off to the family the boyfriend she promised to bring home for Christmas, but who in fact had dumped her before the action of the film started.If you can wrap your mind around the concept of Melissa without Sabrina's magic kidnapping hunky Mario Lopez than you've got more imagination than I have. But a funny thing happens, from as incredibly stupid a premise as this one starts with Holiday In Handcuffs does kind of grow on you. Even Mario starts to sympathize with Melissa after meeting her family consisting of parents Markie Post and Timothy Bottoms, brother Kyle Chandler, sister Vanessa Lee Evigan and grande dame grandma June Lockhart.Of course Mario is also slightly engaged to Gabrielle Miller, but in these kind of family films things like that do have a way of resolving themselves or just going away.Holiday In Handcuffs has become a staple on the Hallmark Channel in the past two years. I suspect it will remain so for young folks in love and those in love with love who dream that a boyfriend like Mario Lopez is a pistol and restraints away.

That you want to forget as soon as possible, because of the intimate violence, the lavish lifestyle, and the low level human relationships brought forward in this flickits a holidaymovie, or what i would call a nightmare holiday trip to bodrum turkey among criminals and other family members and children of a danish tribe that knows to shade away when hell is turned on, when the men turns angry for many aspects i think the main caracter gets what she wants, good or bad, and really underlines the archetype of being blond and dumb, if not to say stupid. i feel no empathy of such kinda selfmarketing for a buck and a tan, and a slap on the face as a bonus... it really makes me you better watch out, you better not cry cause youll get what you came for, no not santa claus... so pass this film of shocking violence and sex abuse, and stay away from countries where the police doesnt know a word english...i do for god sake hope this isnt based on real events. thats all from the grumpy old man this time

This rudely rambunctious, intermittently funny 2008 holiday comedy is a supreme case of Hollywood overkill along the lines of Jay Roach's "Meet the Fockers". Running a scant 89 minutes, it stars no less than five Oscar-winning actors in the standard cookie-cutter story of a commitment-phobic couple who are forced to visit each of their four divorced parents on Christmas day. Co-written by first-timers Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson, along with Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (who co-wrote "The Hangover"), the premise shows promise with Kate and Brad, a pair of self-satisfied, upwardly mobile San Franciscans meeting for what looks like the first time in a bar. Their sharp-tongued banter turns out to be a role-playing fantasy since they are three years into their comfortable relationship. A major fog blanket rolls over the city and ruins their plans for a holiday vacation in Fiji. What's worse is that they are caught by a local news camera at the airport. Because they deceived their families into thinking they were traveling overseas to help starving third-world children, they embark on a daylong journey to each of their parent's houses, all conveniently located in the Bay Area.However, the movie starts to decline precipitously with each visit. The first home the couple drops by belongs to Brad's redneck father, where his other sons, cage-fighting brothers Denver and Dallas tackle Brad with painful wrestling moves. It ends with an uncomfortable gift exchange where Brad's expensive gifts humiliate his blue-collar family. The couple then visits Kate's overly affectionate mother and a den of cougars, an episode in which it is revealed Kate had a childhood weight problem and a possible lesbian past. Brad's therapist mother is next on the itinerary, but he's still angry that she married his best friend, who is half her age, and a game of Taboo reveals the communication gulf that really exists between Kate and Brad. The last stop is at the home of Kate's father, and this is where the tone gets serious-minded as the couple learns a lesson in the value of being with family in spite of whatever personal differences may exist to divide them the rest of the year.Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon - he with his semi-improvised riffing, she with her exacting intelligence - would seem to be absurdly mismatched, but they spar convincingly, even if they do look more like best friends than lovers. Vaughn gets to shine in a Christmas pageant scene where he basks in the limelight of his ham-fisted stage debut. Robert Duvall, Mary Steenburgen, Sissy Spacek, and Jon Voight play the parents with little screen time, and only Duvall leaves much of an impression as an embittered shell of a man. Jon Favreau, Tim McGraw, Carol Kane, and Kristin Chenoweth gamely play various relatives in equally smallish roles. The whole venture is directed by Seth Gordon, whose only previous feature-length credit is the critically praised video-game documentary, "The King of Kong", and his storytelling inexperience shows in the sometimes ADD-level pacing of the story. The 2009 DVD, being released for the holidays, doesn't offer much in terms of extras other than two different screen formats. 59ce067264


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