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Heretic 2 Full Version

Heretic 2 Full Version >>>

"Heretic II.iso zipped" Is the full CD Version of Heretic II. A (Bootable HERETIC_II CD install.iso) of the game with all "Mods, maps, textures, skins, models, skys, etc... provided in the download links below.

The game was in development since November 1997 by a team of 20 people.[8] Inspired by the Tomb Raider series, Raven Software decided to make use of the Quake II engine to create a third-person action game. A major step in the early development was Gerald Brom's concept art. In a month, the company had programmed the game's camera system. After Activision's approval of the game's demo, Raven Software aimed to get the full game finished by Christmas (it would release just prior to that Thanksgiving). To add to complications, they needed a software renderer to make the game playable to 16-bit users (especially in Europe).