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Ianastasija Omoore
Ianastasija Omoore

Giantess Games.epub [BETTER]


Giantess Games.epub [BETTER]

also, most of the reasons for not including a glossary in here are because giantess warriors are giant monsters and i've almost never had trouble understanding them, especially if i translated them correctly (which i always do, even when i'm not translating out of my native language).

since ad&d introduced a wider range of non-human characters in the world, the lines between halfling, dwarf, eladrin, and others have become even blurrier. some think they know what a fletcher is, while other consider them the barbarians of the rpg world. whatever you think, maybe you've met a few. hey, i just wrote a story about them, right (it's an adult story, though.)

giantess birthmother, the birth mother of all giantesses, about to give birth. and giantess! a woman is about to give birth to a giantess! and what's a woman about to give birth to, if not a giant many people think the only fun in giving birth is to come out with a giantess, that it's a hard, painful, frightening labor which ends in a moment of explosive, exciting, and even pleasurable satisfaction.

even though giants in fiction have been portrayed as both monster and mythological figure, few know that there have been real giants in history and legends. join frankie wade as she explores a forgotten world of giants as she travels to famous historical locations.

some people like to live their life buried underground. like dwarves, these people are able to live in the safety of their homes without the rest of society, and unlike dwarfs, they're often treated well by those above.

ashlanna was raised to be a giantess, and she has a lot to prove. because of the noble traditions of her people, she has to prove herself against all the other giantesses in the land. she's certainly got the skills, but will she be able to win out against her competitors 3d9ccd7d82


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