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Ianastasija Omoore
Ianastasija Omoore

Paws And Soul T Rk E Yama Download [2021]

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amagai reappears in soul society with the hopes of killing yamamoto with his bankai. he tells yamamoto that he is not going to let him kill him. yamamoto then reveals to him the truth behind the bakkt and that he did it all for his own desires. amagai then tells him that he cannot allow him to live and kill his father. however, yamamoto reminds him that he is a half-breed and that he is a shinigami. amagai then tells him that he can still die and that he is going to kill him. yamamoto then tells him that the true reason he had to kill his father was because he was not fit to be captain. amagai realizes that he has been tricked and he cannot kill yamamoto. he then attacks yamamoto with his bankai, but yamamoto stops him. he then tells him that he will destroy his bankai and his zanpakut to make sure he never uses it again. yamamoto then tells him that if he does not kill him, he will die himself. amagai then remembers his father's dying words and uses the zanpakut to kill himself. yamamoto then apologizes to him, telling him that he should have been more compassionate. he then leaves the battle.

kisaragi is asleep in bed, and shin'etsu has been tied up and put in a storage room. amagai asks kisaragi if he has forgotten them, reminding him that he has committed to the shinigami code and he must swear never to commit murder. kisaragi is shocked that the shinigami has come to him, but amagai states that it has been decided that kisaragi will kill yamamoto himself and that he has come to ensure that kisaragi will not be caught. kisaragi then asks amagai where his head is, amagai tells kisaragi that he has his head in his hands, so kisaragi pulls it out to see that it is his and that he has his right eye covered with a red bandage. amagai explains that the shinigami has come to kill yamamoto and kisaragi can do this by killing the one who has been chosen to be his partner. amagai says that the shinigami has many reasons to kill yamamoto, including his duty as a police officer and the fact that he was able to keep kisaragi from killing uryuu. amagai asks kisaragi if he is ready, and kisaragi nods. [4] 3d9ccd7d82


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