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Ianastasija Omoore
Ianastasija Omoore

[S5E23] Broke


[S5E23] Broke

Fiona and Holmes talk via video chat as she's working in Philadelphia. He accepts her offer to meet for the weekend at a bed and breakfast in New Jersey. As Holmes talks to Detective Bell and Watson about relationships, he realizes that he doesn't talk about his work to Fiona. Watson quotes from Shakespeare regarding how to break bad news. Later, before Holmes takes a video chat with Fiona, he recites the quote, implying that Holmes broke up with Fiona.[4]

When Garcia finds and produces a list of his previous murders, the BAU and local police learn Flynn's connection with Matt, and that Flynn is repeating his first set of killings as a way to taunt Matt, who had been seeing a lot in the media and is assisting them in the investigation. Realizing Kristin and Ellie are Flynn's next targets, Morgan and Matt go to the latter's home (where his sister and daughter are). When Morgan and Matt reach the detective's house, they find that Flynn has already abducted both Kristin and Ellie, having cut the power and broken inside. Morgan and Matt plan on heading to Kristin's apartment next and notify the rest of the BAU team and Matt's partner. On the way there, Morgan and Matt then deduce that Flynn has taken them to the Spicers' old home in Santa Monica because that was where his and Matt's connection was forged. This causes them to race over to Santa Monica. Meanwhile, the city's electrical grid breaks down as a result of the overuse of electricity, sending all of Los Angeles into darkness and getting the rest of the BAU members stuck in traffic. When Matt and Morgan arrive at the house, they immediately split up and sneak inside, as Matt refuses to wait for backup. Upon Morgan finding the house's current resident dead, he is knocked out by Flynn and tied up with duct tape by Ellie who is being ordered to do so.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins discovers the victim had a broken nose and was dead before he was ground up in the pin machine. Suddenly, something rattles in the skull. They discover that Jeff's nose was broken so hard it dislodged pieces of his skull. The broken nose killed him. One bowling montage later, the team loses and Amber takes all its members to task. Max, meanwhile, notices Bones and Booth playing the "happy couple" and grins. Later, Hercules says Jeff's death was part of God's plan to put in a position to be a team hero. Dumb blond Blake, meanwhile, tells Booth he is the "heir apparent" to Jeff's best-bowler title. In other words, the suspects are piling up.

Back at the lab, Angela, Hodgins and Wendell examine a computer recreation of the skull and conclude something with "round edges" broke Jeff's nose. It could've been a bowling ball. Angela then begins to gasp. A distracted Hodgins doesn't seem too concerned. She screams at him that her water broke and to get the car. 59ce067264


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