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Ruby Tuesday Key Lime Dipping Sauce Recipe ^HOT^


I love Key Lime cake....especially when someone else bakes it. Ha! I have only baked this type of cake once before and that recipe called for a box of lemon cake mix and lime gelatin. It was easier and it tasted decent. I was a little intimidated by this recipe and honestly, if I had any gelatin in the Pantry, I would have probably used that same recipe. I mean, I had never zested any thing in my life. Let me tell you, though. This is the BEST Keylime Cake that I have ever eaten in my life, and I made it! Kudos for a GREAT recipe!

Thank you for this lovely recipe. I made if for a birthday party for a special friend. I was stunned when she told me her new favourite cake was Key Lime Cake. I had never heard of it, just key lime pie. I was doubting my ears. However, I dutifully googled and found your recipe. I nervously made it and presented it at her birthday party. It was a huge success and now everyone wants Key Lime cake and your recipe!!