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X4 Foundations Update V2.60

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X4 Foundations Update V2.60

As for the big X4: Split Vendetta expansion (the first of two currently planned) and the upcoming 3.0 overhaul update, they're both unfortunately delayed until sometime in the first part of 2020. They said "a number of things have emerged that we really want to see implemented, optimised and fixed in time for the next big step forward for X4: Foundations" which is fair enough.

In addition to a number of smaller fixes and improvements, the 2.60 update also optimizes navigation in the game, both for the player guidance system and for AI ships. In addition, the station overview and the station menu have been updated, and Russian voice recordings have been integrated into the game.

EGOSOFT also announced that the expansion X4: Split Vendetta and the associated major update 3.0 for X4: Foundations will not be released in the fourth quarter of 2019 as originally announced. Instead, both elements are now scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2020.

Space sim X4: Foundations' update 2.60 has hit live servers. A look at the update's patch notes reveals changes to the in-game economy, navigation, specific menus and more.Update 2.6.0's release was, however, accompanied by some unfortunate news. X4: Split Vendetta, Foundations' first expansion, has been delayed. It and its accompanying update 3.0 will no longer launch in Q4 2019.X4: Foundations Update 2.60 Patch Notes, Split Vendetta Delayed

Here is a brief rundown of the important features tackled by X4: Foundations' update 2.6.0:significantly improved in-game economybetter navigation, both for the player guidance system and for AI shipsupdated Logical Station Overview and Station Info menuadded Russian voice recordingsa whole host of smaller fixes and improvementsIf the concise version of what update 2.6.0 brings to the table isn't enough, you can find the full patch notes over on developer Egosoft's forums.When addressing the delay of X4: Split Vendetta, the developer said, in a post, that it is"sorry about this delay and would particularly like to apologise to all owners of the X4: Foundations Collector's Edition, which includes the two future expansions.""During the development of the X4: Split Vendetta expansion and the 3.0 update, a number of things have emerged that we really want to see implemented, optimised and fixed in time for the next big step forward for X4: Foundations in order to meet our own expectations as well as yours. We simply need a bit more time to do so.", it continued.Both X4: Split Vendetta and update 3.0 are now scheduled to arrive at some point in Q1 2020. The expansion looks to "greatly expand" the game's universe, add two new Split family clans, each with their own economy, new ships, weapons and station modules.X4: Foundations is available now on PC and has, in the time since launch, received a Star Wars total conversion mod.Related Games: X4: FoundationsAbout Bogdan Robert MateșWhen not brewing coffee or debating serious topics with my cat, you'll either find me playing video games or writing about them.

UPDATE / DLC LIST:X4 Foundations Update v2.60-CODEX 17 October 2019X4 Foundations Update v2.50-CODEX 28 May 2019X4 Foundations Update v2.20-CODEX 18 March 2019X4 Foundations Update v2.00-CODEX 25 February 2019X4 Foundations Update v1.60-CODEX 28 January 2019X4 Foundations Update v1.50-CODEX 20 December 2018X4 Foundations Update v1.30-CODEX 7 December 2018X4 Foundations Update v1.21-CODEX 5 December 2018X4 Foundations Update v1.20-CODEX 3 December 2018X4 Foundations Update v1.10-CODEX 2 December 2018

Any chance we can get the 1.5 update or at least the 2.0 update (once released at the end of this month) They are very significant changes to the game and it would be very appreciated. Thanks for everything you do!

The new update for "X4: Foundations" has been released earlier today! The free update 2.60 is now available and improves the in-game economy significantly. In addition to a number of smaller fixes and impr


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