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Full House Season 5 Episode 24 Dailymotion

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I actually think that anthology series are due for a comeback. Not episode by episode, but each season doing its own thing in a similar style or genre, like true detective. It lets you craft very serialized, integrated story arcs without the difficulties and risks of planning them out years in advance. Plus the ones that really work you can spin off into their own series.

After enough rounds of this, I think it natural for studios to look for ways to make the product better, and one solution was to optimize the writing for boxed sets. So they took this idea of fixed length stories and ran with it, knowing from experience with dramatic serials, westerns, etc. that a good writer can plan a cliffhanger every episode, a bigger cliffhanger every season, and a huge climax ending season 5 or 7 or whatever, and then they just do it again. 1e1e36bf2d

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