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Ianastasija Omoore
Ianastasija Omoore

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This research aims to improve the tensile properties of the polyethylene (PE) film deposited with a multilayer graphene membrane, in order to establish the understanding of the influence of the methane to hydrogen ratio on the tensile properties of the MLG membrane, providing insight into design of a new generation of body armour system with better protection level and light weight.

Two types of specimens are prepared to investigate the tensile properties, denoted by G1 and G2. G1 is the PE film deposited with a MLG membrane and G2 is produced by coating MLG membrane on one side of the PE film which is then backed up by an uncoated PE film. It is referred to as a sandwich structure. In addition, one-layer pure PE (P1) and two layers pure PE (P2) are prepared under the same conditions respectively for comparison purposes.

In this study, the specimens are cut into a rectangular shape as illustrated in Fig. 5. The gauge length and the effective width are set to 50 mm and 10 mm to ensure the effective grip. The constant tensile speed of 200 mm/min is used. Each specimen is tested five times to determine the tensile properties. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) is used for the analysis of the morphology of samples by Hitachi S3000.

In order to further analyse the influence of the ratio of methane to hydrogen, the flow of methane is increased from 25 to 40 sccm at the flow of 100 sccm hydrogen and the changes in tensile properties are investigated. It has been shown in Fig. 7 and Fig. 8. The morphology of the MLG sheet is also characterized by SEM images which is showed in Fig. 9. The Raman spectrum of sample G1 and G4 are showed in Fig. 10 (Table 1).

ASTM D882 is a widely used testing standard for tensile properties of thin plastic sheet films. It is commonly used for in-line quality control. Thin plastic films and sheeting are surprisingly durable, making them an excellent choice for packaging. Not only are they strong enough to withstand shipping or transportation, but also provides an effective barrier against moisture, oxygen, light, and bacteria.

ASTM D882 is a common method of examining the mechanical properties of thin plastic films of less than 1 mm (0.040 in). In this test, a sample of film is mounted between two grips that are 250 mm (10 in) apart at the beginning of the test (gage length) distance which are then pulled by applying a tensile load. The elongation (or extension) produced in the sample is registered as the load increases.

Test samples for thin films or plastic sheeting consist of a rectangular strip of consistent width as opposed to a dumbbell shape, which is required for ASTM D638 tensile tests. The absence of a reduced sample section increases the stress concentration where the jaws grab the specimen. The test goal is to reduce these stress concentrations and enable the specimen to break in the center of the gage length.

The tensile test on plastics according to ASTM D638 helps determine essential mechanical properties, including tensile stress, strain, tensile modulus, tensile strength, tensile strength at yield and tensile strength at break. The ASTM D638 standard is not identical to its counterparts ISO 527-1 and ISO 527-2. These standards differ in many aspects, including the shape and dimensions of the specimens, the definition of test results, and the test procedure itself. While ASTM D638 presents a pragmatic characterization of tensile properties, the guiding principle of the ISO 527 standard is the high level of reproducibility of test results across laboratories, companies and national borders.

In the ASTM D638 standard test method for tensile properties of plastics, essential mechanical properties of a molding material or a specimen machined from a defined area on a component are determined.

Tensile test on plastics in the new ZwickRoell temperature chamber. The temperature range can be adjusted from -80 C to +250 C (-112 F to 480 F). The fully integrated system ensures efficient, reli


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