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ASTM D882 Tensile Properties Of Plastic Sheeting.pdf


This research aims to improve the tensile properties of the polyethylene (PE) film deposited with a multilayer graphene membrane, in order to establish the understanding of the influence of the methane to hydrogen ratio on the tensile properties of the MLG membrane, providing insight into design of a new generation of body armour system with better protection level and light weight.

Two types of specimens are prepared to investigate the tensile properties, denoted by G1 and G2. G1 is the PE film deposited with a MLG membrane and G2 is produced by coating MLG membrane on one side of the PE film which is then backed up by an uncoated PE film. It is referred to as a sandwich structure. In addition, one-layer pure PE (P1) and two layers pure PE (P2) are prepared under the same conditions respectively for comparison purposes.