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Ianastasija Omoore
Ianastasija Omoore

[S4E6] Orgy Pants To Work

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Eve befriends Maze, but is dismayed by Lucifer's duties with the LAPD. Chloe disapproves of his new unsavory behavior after he wears his orgy pants to work (entirely by accident). Linda is also worried as Lucifer is burning the candle at both ends, and even he can not hold out forever; the best sign is Lucifer mixing up gift deliveries for Eve and Chloe. Investigating the murder of Gary Van Brunt, they are lead to Vincent Walker, a Kidnap/Ransom specialist, who Gary audited. Vincent fought with Gary over the bribes to border guards to ensue client safety, but was on a plane during the murder. Ella finds Gary was wearing too expensive clothing, Lucifer concludes he was attacked at a nudist colony in Malibu Canyon. The owner, Julian McCaffrey, is the prime suspect, but his father, shipping tycoon Jacob Tierning, has his lawyers free Julian before long. Staking out one of Tierning's ships, they discover Julian is involved with human trafficking. Lucifer confronts him, but Julian escapes by dropping barrels on him and kills Officer Joan - one of Lucifer's LAPD acquaintances. Eve urges Lucifer give punishment, leading to him brutally crippling Julian. Meanwhile, the angel Remiel arrives having sensed the baby angel, to take and raise it in Heaven. Amenadiel defends his baby and Linda. Maze takes Amenadiel's place at Lamaze class and builds a maternal bond with Linda. 59ce067264


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