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Ianastasija Omoore
Ianastasija Omoore

Hot Girls Getiin G Fu Cked By Techer [2021]

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Later on before lunch, everyone was in the hallway in their lockers. Chad and his girlfriend Ashley Houston (Allison Williams) was talking about the murders that has been going on in the College. While everyone was getiing ready for lunch Lloyd Hill the professor wen't out for lunch. Before he left what happen was he walked to his car. He steps in and puts the key in the ignition and turns the key to start the car. Suddnely out of nowhere the car blows up as soon as Lloyd starts the car. The car blows up from Ghostface setting the bomb in Lloyd Hill's car. Everyone was outside and heard the explosion and everyone looked at each other including George and Denzel and even Denise Williams stopped what they were doing. George, Denise and Denzel wen't to the parking lot to see what happened. They found a fire on Lloyd Hill's car. Everybody was shocked. The police and ambulance arrived. We now meet George's publistist for his story book of the events and based on what Michael and the rest of the surivors wen't through. His name was Emmanuel Harris. He published George's first story that was based off of the first Massacre that had happen with the surviors in the High School. But far as that goes when Geoge wen't to do his report he was frustrated for some reason after he finish the report. Georege's publistist Emmanuel came up to him and tells him in a demanding "Hey George so far our story is booming man, Listen we need some more stories coming!". George replies "You'll get your Goddamn story when I'm fucking finished!" George Sighs putting his face down with his middle finger and thumbs above his nose shaking his head. George replied to Emmanuel "I'm so sorry man. That's great that my story is becoming a success. But I'm just tired! I just want to find this bastard that is doing all of this damn killing! I'm happy that my story is a success but I'm just tired going through it, and plus I feel so bad for Michael. It's know wonder if that kid could think straight from having such a screwed up life! But yeah Emmanuel, I come up with something." Emmanuel said Okay George just try not to let things get you down man." George replies "I won't.". 1e1e36bf2d


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