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Ianastasija Omoore
Ianastasija Omoore


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da es immer wieder löcher im downloader ist, bitte versuche bitte, auch per mail zu erreichen. es ist bei einigen problemen mit dem downloader einfach nur an der adresse zu denen, die gerne das stabilobossmania-software installiert haben, zu kontaktieren.

this repository contains two self-extracting tools. one of them, install-stabilobossmania-tools.stabilobossmania, will gather together all tools you will need to run stabilobossmania alpha builds on your pc. the other, install-stabilobossmania-tools.stabilobossmania-linux, is a linux-only package (i386-only, even), that will use your installed packages to download the needed tools as well as all the latest stabilobossmania release files.

downloading stabilobossmania stabilobossmania-free-download requires the python library pystabilobossmania, which in turn depends on an additional python-wxglade and python-wxgtk packages. you can download python-wxglade and python-wxgtk from the wxwidgets site . the wxwidgets packages will install properly even if you don't have python/pygtk/wxpython2.8.x installed already.

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