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Ianastasija Omoore
Ianastasija Omoore


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@mrhamwallet: That Thor wasn't Warrior's Madness. It was stated in Blood and Thunder that it was only a mentally unstable Thor. And Thanos was losing thar fight as Thor got stronger every second due to the power gem which is why he had to get a device that put him into stasis.

@yify: Thanks for the scans, not quite how I remembered it but still he's taking agood few hits there without being seriously injured. So still no one I can think of that could down him in one physical hit based on that.

@yify: Well it was on Qward where Kryptonians aren't nearly as powerful. No yellow sun, different physics. Earth 2 Supes is probably more powerful than the Supes that AM took out, and yet about 2 pages prior to that a rock monster almost killed him, made him bleed with one blow. So on Qward it isn't nearly as impressive to take Supes or Supergirl out, that was my whole point. A random rock monster KO'ed a more powerful version of Supes while on Qward. WTF does that say about AM almost being destroyed by Supergirl 59ce067264


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