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Taxicab Stands

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A taxicab stand (also called taxi rank, cab stand, taxi stand, cab rank, or hack stand) is a queue area on a street or on private property where taxicabs line up to wait for passengers.

Stands are normally located at high-traffic locations such as airports, hotel driveways, railway stations, subway stations, bus depots, ferry terminals, shopping centres, and major street intersections. Usually stands are marked by simple painted signs.

Stands generally work as a first-come, first-served queue, so that the first taxicab to arrive on the stand (the one at the front of the line) serves the first passenger to arrive, and as the first taxicab leaves, each taxicab behind it moves ahead one spot, with the last taxicab to arrive taking the last spot.

In the Republic of Ireland an intending passenger is entitled to choose any taxicab that is available for hire at an appointed taxi stand. The Commission for Taxi Regulation has deemed that the customer has the right to choose and that the principle of first come, first served is dismissed.

Some major stands are divided into separate queues. For example, at the Nagoya railway station in Japan, small- and large-capacity taxis line up separately; while at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in Shanghai, short- and long-distance taxis use separate queues. In Hong Kong, different kinds of taxis line up separately, as some of their service areas overlap.

Taxi and FHV relief stands allow drivers to park their vehicles for up to one hour. This gives drivers the opportunity to leave their vehicles and take care of personal needs. Taxi and FHV relief stands should not be confused with taxi stands. Taxi stands allow drivers to wait in their cars to pick up passengers.

View Chicago taxicab fare rates and fees. Contact information for taxicab company affiliations. Explore the City of Chicago Data Portal at for information on BACP licensed taxicabs, taxi chauffeurs, and taxicab trips.

Request a wheelchair accessible taxicab (WAV) ride by calling 1-888-WAV-CABS (1-888-928-2227) or by downloading the CURB app. Passengers will also be able to make in-app electronic payments for their rides via the CURB app. For more information, including steps on how to download the CURB app, visit

The CHICABS program offers options for taxicab passengers to electronically hail (E-Hail) a taxicab through a mobile app. CHICABS approved apps also let passengers electronically pay (E-Pay) for the taxicab fare through the app.

Getting around any city on taxi is not difficult, but you do have to know ahead of time that in Italy taxis cannot be flagged down as they pass you along the street! Taxis are instead "stationed" at special taxi parking stands in most of the major squares in any city and at the airport and they can be requested by phone. In Florence, the numbers for calling a taxi are: 055.4242 / 055.4390 / 055.4798 / 055.4499

Effective June 1, 2022, the minimum rate of fare for taxicab transportation within the City of Newburgh will be $8.00. The rate of fare for transportation of passengers who are 65 years or older, whose point of transportation originates within the City of Newburgh, and whose point of destination concludes within the City of Newburgh will be $4.00. If a passenger requests a taxicab to wait more than five minutes, the charge for waiting has increased to $2.00 for each additional five minutes. This rate increase is the first change in the City of Newburgh since 2008.

Stands are normally located at airports, hotel driveways, railway stations, subway stations, bus depots, ferry terminals, shopping centres, and major street intersections. Usually stands are marked by simple painted signs.

Another thing you want to easily find when being in a foreign city are Taxi Stands. Rome has a few. Just remember to always take a white legal taxi. Most taxis take cards but be sure to ask in advance. Check out our list of some major taxi stands in Rome where you can easily pick up a legal taxi.

When the customer is not the number one priority, even a simple act of ordering a cab may be a difficult task. At Liberty Cab, our team is dedicated to making your corporation and clients the number one priority and provides streamlined technology in order to use every second of your time efficiently. Opening a corporate account provides clients with access to call-in trips, fax, an automated, online ordering system, and a Taxi Butler service for much faster and easier taxicab ordering. Translation: Ordering a cab in seconds has never been easier!

A taxi rank (or taxi stand, taxicab stand, etc.) is a place where taxis wait for passengers. Often found at airports, hotels, railway/bus/subway stations, large shopping centers or other places people congregate. 59ce067264


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