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Ianastasija Omoore
Ianastasija Omoore

Sony Sonicstage 4.3 Windows 7 12

LINK >>>

i'm not sure that windows 8 is out yet, but i assume that what you are trying to do is connect a portable device that is running windows 8 to a computer that is running windows 7 or vista. what you need to do is update your mdmc software. if you can't get that to work then you can always use a different player, like an apple ipod, that will do the job for you.

the windows 7 update is the only update i have ever received from microsoft. when i did the update i went through a couple of windows screens where i was told that i needed a "driver update". i then went to the update site and got the update. after the update was finished it still would not work. i did not attempt to reinstall the update. i just changed to the portable md and i was back in business.

i just downloaded rh1 drivers and it works great. in my case,! mark is in other unknown device section rather than universal serial bus controllers section in device pc is running under windows 7 x64 (english) and my himd device is sony mz-rh1.thank you again. you did the greatest job.

i have just used your drivers and they work up to a point. i can play the tracks on the portable md but no sound comes out of the computer. i am deligted that my md is being recognised and the tracks on the mds are visible and i am eternally gratefull for your effort. i love my mds and will continue loving them till the last unit dies. i have plenty of backup units so i think i will be listening for some time to come. i am sick of windows domination of the software market and every release of windows brings nothing but grief. microsoft sucks. 3d9ccd7d82


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